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      Beyond Concrete – Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Floors in Arlington Heights

      When you are looking for that perfect shine to your floors that is durable and long-lasting, Beyond Concrete is your solution, every time.

      Beyond Concrete is Arlington Heights’s trusted source for the highest quality, most durable epoxy flooring and decorative concrete solutions. We provide our services to both residential and commercial customers in the Greater Chicago Area. We use state of the art equipment – specific for epoxy flooring installation and concrete polishing. We believe in innovation and practical design at the best possible price and our dedicated team provides service that surpasses our competition, proving our reliability and dedication. To have your questions answered or to get a free estimate, contact us today for assistance.

      At Beyond Concrete in Arlington Heights, we’re always ready to give you the epoxy flooring or polished concrete floors you want.

      What our epoxy flooring contractors can do for you:

      Industrial Epoxy Flooring Arlington Heights

      Epoxy flooring has extremely high resistance to abrasion, which makes it a great flooring solution for warehouses, logistic centers, and factories. It is safe, slip-resistant and durable and will stand up well to all sorts of traffic, chemical attack and heat.

      Commercial Epoxy Flooring Arlington Heights

      Our epoxy flooring is great for commercial and high traffic floors. We ensure that our products are the highest quality and provide outstanding impact resistance and wear resistance. Epoxy floors are easy to maintain and are amazingly resistant to bacteria.

      Residential Polished Concrete Floors Arlington Heights

      Nowadays, polished concrete floors can be used anywhere – even in your home. This type of flooring is cost-effective and very easy to clean, which is particularly beneficial as it saves you both time and money.

      Commercial Polished Concrete Floors Chicago

      Polished concrete flooring looks much better than a dull and dreary surface. It’s resistant to scratches and dents, long lasting, cost-effective and most importantly – low-maintenance, which makes it ideal for a busy kitchen, a hotel lobby or a supermarket.

      Floor Grinding

      The flatness of your flooring is important to safety and should be able to stand up well to constant foot traffic. Make sure that your concrete flooring is free of cracks and distortions and take advantage of our company’s complete floor grinding service.

      Decorative Concrete Floors

      Add beauty to concrete surfaces and start you decorative concrete flooring project with our company. We have a wide range of colors, patterns and custom design options to aesthetically improve your floor’s appearance and provide a hardwearing surface.

      Key features of Beyond Concrete Flooring

      Premium quality

      Product quality is one of the most important features people look for when purchasing new flooring. We use the best materials available on the market so our products surpass industry quality standards.

      Superior customer service

      We care about our customers and their needs. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking a meticulous approach and working closely with our clients to understand their requirements and demands in detail.

      Quality, expert installation

      Our team members are all highly skilled in all aspects of epoxy flooring installation. Our contractors are the reason why Beyond Concrete has become one of Arlington Heights’s leading epoxy flooring companies.

      Benefits of Epoxy Flooring – Beyond Residential Epoxy Floors & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Arlington Heights

      Aesthetic Appearance

      When it comes to epoxy flooring in Arlington Heights, there’s a variety of colors that you can choose from that will match your walls and other interior decors that you may have. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights will ensure that you will get that high gloss shine, which brings out a smooth, bright, and professional feel. With our company, you can ensure you will get the best!

      Easy to Clean, Smooth Surface

      Epoxy flooring is not as porous as the bare concrete floors. Epoxy coating has smooth surfaces, which make it easy to maintain. Our company is one of the best epoxy flooring companies in Arlington Heights that provides the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

      Durable and Long-Lasting Surfaces

      With the polished concrete floors, you can ensure that your epoxy flooring is beautiful and is made to last. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights only use the highest quality of materials to ensure that we provide you with the best outcome. When your floors last longer, it will cut out expenses on floor repairs throughout the years.

      Safety Improved

      We are one of the epoxy flooring companies in Arlington Heights, It handpicks the materials to use to improve the safety standards of your building. We achieve this by using an anti-slip, fire, and heat resistant materials to your epoxy flooring. The high gloss effect from the epoxy floors helps improve visibility.

      Testimonials of Beyond Residential Polished Concrete Floors & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Arlington Heights

      I have always wanted to change the polished concrete floors that we have in our garage with epoxy flooring. A friend of mine recommended your epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights, and the experience, as well as the results, are fantastic!

      I currently own a commercial space and want to have epoxy flooring installed because it’s easy to maintain it. I chose your epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights, and I’m delighted with the result. My floors are shiny and beautiful!

      Your epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights did not disappoint with the epoxy flooring they presented to me. They replaced my decorative concrete with such a shiny and amazing looking floor! It was such a pleasant experience working with your team!

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