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Beyond – Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Floors Hoffman Estates

Welcome to Beyond Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Polishing, your local provider for epoxy flooring in Hoffman Estates and surrounding neighborhoods. Epoxy flooring is an excellent option for both residential and commercial applications. It has many benefits that all property owners can take advantage from: its resistant to punctures, impacts, abrasions and chemicals, it requires less maintenance, is easy to clean and has many design and color options to choose from. The value of your property will go up with a modification to your floor. So if you’re looking for strength, beauty, or both, we can provide the best epoxy flooring and polished concrete floors in Hoffman Estates.

Contact Beyond to discuss how we can help make your floors stand out. Our professional team is standing by to answer questions and guide you to the perfect epoxy flooring or polished concrete floor solution for your home or business in and around Hoffman Estates.

Services of Beyond Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Polishing

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Hoffman Estates

Epoxy coatings are utilized in industrial facilities and offer optimum protection against abrasion, turbulence, chemical fluids and extreme temperatures. Their strength is their functionality, which provides a solid barrier against physical and chemical damages that are a common threat in an industrial environment.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Hoffman Estates

In any commercial space, the fashionable gleam of an epoxy flooring system will enhance the appearance and functionality of the interior. With a wide variety of epoxy floors, we’ve got an option, color or texture that will be a perfect fit for you and your commercial facility.

Residential Polished Concrete Floors Hoffman Estates

From performance to good looks and durability, our polished concrete floors re carefully selected and installed to suit each customer’s individual requirements. A polish concrete floor will refresh your home’s interior and provide superior durability and design.

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors Hoffman Estates

With a full preparation and installation service, Beyond can complete your polished concrete floors for your Hoffman Estates company, while your business continues unhindered. New polished concrete floors will ensure an attractive professional appearance and durable floors for your facility.

Floor Grinding

We have huge variety of floor cleaning and grinding equipment in stock and we’re ready to start. We not only can do floor cleaning on warehouse floors, but pretty much any type of flooring system that needs a professional rehab.

Decorative Concrete Floors

Who says performance and durability can’t go hand in hand with beauty? At Beyond, we supply and install decorative concrete floors that provide the powerful protection while transforming the look of your flooring. Our decorative concrete floors will prove that high performance can be beautiful.

Key Features of our Epoxy Flooring Hoffman Estates Services

Unsurpassed Quality

Beyond Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Polishing uses the best coatings and processes so our customers receive the highest quality service and product. You won’t find better quality and expertise when it comes to epoxy flooring in Hoffman Estates.

Affordable and Reliable

We are an independent company and there are no franchise fees to pass on you. We serve commercial, residential and industrial customers in Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas and commit to the customer satisfaction of our neighbors.

On-Time Delivery

We maintain a committed focus on timely delivery of every project without sacrificing quality and availability. We do absolutely everything to make every customer happy and satisfied with our work.

Benefits Of Residential & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Hoffman Estates

Aesthetic Appearance

With epoxy flooring, the colors that you can choose from are endless. We are one of the epoxy flooring companies in Hoffman Estates that provides the broadest range of colors for your epoxy flooring. Our epoxy flooring contractors will guide you with choosing the right colors to match your walls or other interior design that you may have.

Easy to Clean, Smooth Surface

Epoxy flooring is smooth and is not as porous as the bare concrete floors which makes it easy to clean as well as maintain. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates will make sure that you will get the highest quality service so that you can get the flooring that you have always wanted.

Durable and Long-Lasting Surfaces

When it comes to epoxy flooring, rest assured it is durable and made to last for years because it is made from tough materials. With that said, it is resistant to stubborn stains, chemicals, spillage, etc. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates will install your flooring with attention to details and professionalism so that you can save money as well as time.

Safety Improved

We understand that safety always comes first, which is why our epoxy flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates only use the highest quality of materials to improve the safety standards of your building. Our epoxy flooring can be used to create an anti-slip, fire, and heat resistant floors. It also enhances visibility because of its high gloss.

Testimonials Of Residential & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Hoffman Estates

Your team was able to install epoxy flooring in my small garage shop in Hoffman Estates and decided to hire you guys again for my garage floor. We decided to have decorative concrete for a fantastic look, and that’s what we got!

Outstanding service, guys! Your epoxy flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates went beyond my expectations. My floor is shiny and gives a beautiful look to my garage floor. I would definitely recommend your epoxy flooring company to my friends and family!

You are one of my favorite epoxy flooring companies in Hoffman Estates. The customer service was outstanding and very easy to communicate with. I can’t even explain the happiness I’m feeling with the epoxy flooring that your team provided to me!

The Process for Epoxy Flooring Hoffman Estates


There must be solid adhesion between the epoxy flooring material and the substrate, so the floor first has to go through a thorough sanding or diamond-grinding. Then, every particle speck must be removed from the floor surface. An industrial vacuum can handle this part of the epoxy flooring preparation.

Priming and Filling

Epoxy must be laid down on a primer so that it sets properly and lasts for years, so the entire floor at this point is coated with the primer. It created a seal for the substrate to avoid bubbles. Meanwhile, this is the time to use epoxy grout to fill in any holes or cracks seen on the concrete floors.

Mixing the Epoxy Product

The epoxy flooring must be mixed properly prior to its application so the epoxy flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates can create a floor that does not feel tacky. This is a key part of the epoxy flooring process to achieve the special flooring you’re after, so mixing right for more than two minutes is essential.

The First Coat

As the most experienced of the epoxy flooring companies in Hoffman Estates, we use top-quality rollers to evenly distribute the mixture over the floor. Lesser quality rollers may leave behind unwanted debris on the floor that needs to be completely clean. After 24-hours, any imperfections may be resealed or sanded down prior to moving on with the next step in the application.

The Final Coat

Before the last coat is applied, the floor must be cleaned again to avoid a gritty finish. Because epoxy mixtures are only good to work with for about 40 minutes, mixing one bucket of the epoxy flooring resin at a time and working quickly to roll it out evenly across the floor is recommended.

Enjoy Your Polished Concrete Floors

Drying time for a freshly applied epoxy flooring mixture can take 24 to 48 hours before it is ready for use. It will be stunning, extremely durable, and strong enough to handle years of heavy foot traffic.

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