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Beyond Concrete – Top Epoxy Flooring Contractors Chicago

Epoxy Flooring Chicago – Polished Concrete Floors BEYOND

Our years of experience have given us the expertise to become the leader in epoxy flooring in Chicago. Our team of epoxy flooring contractors Chicago allows us to take on projects that others might shy away from.
As we are adaptable to any situation, we can service residential polished concrete floors, commercial decorative concrete flooring, and large industrial epoxy flooring Chicago.
Because we only work with the best contractors in the business, we complete our projects with the highest possible standards to make sure you have the floors you expect.
Our expert epoxy flooring contractors Chicago will make certain your project is completed on time and on budget. We work in collaboration with you to keep the project on schedule and limit any disruptions.
We are ready to talk about your epoxy flooring and polished concrete floors Chicago. Contact us to speak in depth with one of our epoxy flooring specialists, who can discuss how best to handle your flooring needs. We are the leader for concrete floor management and Epoxy Flooring in Chicago.


Industrial Epoxy Flooring Chicago

The flooring in your industrial space should be able to withstand the heavy traffic, severe vibrations, and hard impacts to ensure stability and longevity. Call us today for the ultimate in industrial epoxy flooring in Chicago and make your floors last.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Chicago

We are the leaders in commercial epoxy flooring in Chicago. Our epoxy flooring systems will not only make your floors shine, but they will also be durable and able to withstand heavy loads and endless foot traffic. They are easy to clean and they are long-lasting.

Residential Polished Concrete Floors Chicago

Polished concrete floors are not just for industrial use anymore. We offer the highest standard of residential polished concrete floors in Chicago, to give your home a finish that will last a long time, is easy to clean, and is cost-effective.

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors Chicago

For a floor that will not only look great, but will also be strong, durable, and carry low maintenance, try our commercial polished concrete floors. We will guide you through the process and provide your commercial space with the best floors in Chicago.

Floor Grinding Chicago

Make sure your floors are flat, even, and safe for your traffic. Whether it’s heavy foot traffic, or heavy machinery, our floor grinding process will ensure you get the floor you need with a polished finish, right down to the edges.

Decorative Concrete Floors Chicago

Take advantage of our extensive experience with decorative concrete floors. There are almost unlimited options to adding a decorative appeal to your concrete floors, taking your entire space to another level. Your floors will be strong, enduring, and beautiful.

Gallery of our Concrete Epoxy Flooring Chicago projects!

Why choose us for concrete polishing & epoxy flooring services

Quality Workmanship

We have spent years working our craft and gaining valuable experience to handle even the most difficult of floors. We are experts in concrete flooring, providing you with superior quality workmanship every time.

Adaptable Service

Whether you have an industrial warehouse with uneven floors or a small kitchen that requires a flooring upgrade, we can help. We know floors and we are able to adapt to any space or job size, to give you the concrete floors you’re looking for.

Timely and Reliable

We are meticulous about each floor we work on and know that you are waiting to set foot on it. That’s why we strive to meet our goals for a quick turnaround without rushing.

Testimonials of Beyond Polished Concrete Floors & Epoxy Flooring Chicago

Polished concrete floors in Chicago are common and I decided to install them in my condo. Beyond Concrete took care of everything and did a professional job. I love my new floors and am glad the right professionals did them.

We bought a loft with concrete flooring that had not been maintained properly.  Beyond Concrete came to assess the issue and made recommendations. They provided concrete polishing Chicago concrete floor owners must know about. The results are beautiful.

We found Beyond Concrete on our search for epoxy flooring companies Chicago has to offer. We had a specific metallic design in mind and they exceeded our expectations. They were responsive and punctual. Their experience showed through their expert work.

We wanted something different for our floors and decided to go with epoxy flooring Chicago friends recommended. Beyond Concrete was professional and fantastic. Our floors are unique and absolutely gorgeous. Our friends want them now too.

You are one of my favorite epoxy flooring companies in Hoffman Estates. The customer service was outstanding and very easy to communicate with. I can’t even explain the happiness I’m feeling with the epoxy flooring that your team provided to me!

Outstanding service, guys! Your epoxy flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates went beyond my expectations. My floor is shiny and gives a beautiful look to my garage floor. I would definitely recommend your epoxy flooring company to my friends and family!

Your team was able to install epoxy flooring in my small garage shop in Hoffman Estates and decided to hire you guys again for my garage floor. We decided to have decorative concrete for a fantastic look, and that’s what we got!

I am in love with my new epoxy flooring in Palatine! My garage is where I have my gym, and heavy equipment is always used, which is why epoxy flooring is my choice. Your epoxy flooring contractors were straightforward to work with!

We would definitely recommend your epoxy contractors in Palatine! They provided us with a detailed quote and a high quality of work. Everything was executed professionally, and communication was incredible! You guys are one of the best epoxy flooring companies in the area!

Thank you for the beautiful epoxy flooring that your team in Palatine provided. I own a small garage shop, and the floors are the most used and abused. Your team also provided beautiful polished concrete floors on the other part of my shop!

These epoxy flooring contractors in Mount Prospect did such a great job with my garage floors. From cleaning to the final touches on my floor, the process was very smooth. You are one of my favorite epoxy flooring companies in the area!

We recently had our epoxy flooring done with another company in Mount Prospect, and after a year, we’ve already noticed a couple of cracks on the floor. We contacted your epoxy flooring contractors, and it’s been nine months my floors still look amazing!

We have a three-car garage, and we wanted to change the floors to epoxy flooring. We contacted your epoxy flooring company in Mount Prospect to get the job done. I would definitely recommend your team to my family and friends!

Their epoxy flooring contractors in Antioch are very highly recommended! They arrived on time, and my garage floors have never looked this good. I also recommended your company to my mom to have her decorative concrete done. Thank you, guys!

The epoxy flooring that your company in Antioch did was amazing and affordable. The process was very smooth, and everything was well explained to my husband and me. You are one of the best epoxy flooring companies that we’ve met!

You’re one of the best epoxy flooring companies in Antioch that has the best customer service experience that I’ve had for a long time. The epoxy flooring and the concrete polishing that your team did for me turned out beautifully!

Your epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights did not disappoint with the epoxy flooring they presented to me. They replaced my decorative concrete with such a shiny and amazing looking floor! It was such a pleasant experience working with your team!

I currently own a commercial space and want to have epoxy flooring installed because it’s easy to maintain it. I chose your epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights, and I’m delighted with the result. My floors are shiny and beautiful!

I have always wanted to change the polished concrete floors that we have in our garage with epoxy flooring. A friend of mine recommended your epoxy flooring contractors in Arlington Heights, and the experience, as well as the results, are fantastic!

This decorative concrete flooring company turned my drab kitchen into the high-end focal point of my home. The new floor is stunning. I can’t believe the amazing work they did.

The floor had seen better days in our old warehouse so we invited this concrete flooring company to come in and level it out to make it safe. They did a marvelous job and delivered as promised.

The new floors in the showroom of our car dealership look great. This epoxy flooring company was a pleasure to work with and they were very efficient to get the job done on time.

Service Area of Beyond Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Flooring

We serve Chicago & surrounding suburbs, including:

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A Step By Step Guide to the Epoxy Flooring Process


To ensure proper adhesion between the epoxy material and the substrate, the floor must first go through sanding or diamond-grinding. Then, every small particle must be removed with a thorough cleaning. This can be achieved with an industrial vacuum.

Priming and Filling

The epoxy product needs a primer to set properly and make it last a long time, so the floor is coated accordingly. This primer seals the substrate to eliminate any bubbles from forming. At this stage, epoxy grout can fill the holes or cracks in the floor.

Mixing the Epoxy Product

The epoxy is properly mixed before application to ensure that the end result is not tacky. This is a very important step to achieve the floor you want so mixing it beyond the two minutes required may be necessary.

The First Coat

A quality roller should be used to roll out the product. Poor quality rollers may shed and leave unwanted material on the floor. After 24-hours, any imperfections can be sealed or sanded away before the next coat is applied.

The Final Coat

Before beginning, the floor should be evenly coated and completely cleaned to avoid having a gritty finish. Because epoxy mixtures have a working lifespan of about 40 minutes, mix one bucket at a time and work quickly when rolling it out.

Enjoy Your Epoxy Floor

After a 24 to 48-hour drying cycle, your epoxy floor will be ready for you to use. It will be gorgeous, durable, tough, and it should last for many years under heavy foot traffic.

It’s Important To Keep Your Feet On The Ground- Trust Our Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Floors Contractors In Chicago

Our company has been providing epoxy flooring services for years. We offer epoxy services from garage floor epoxy to epoxy basement floor. Choosing epoxy flooring in your home will last you for years. It also serves a high safety to you and your family due to a lot of traction. Having said this, this will avoid any slips, trips or falls that can be a danger to you and your family. Nowadays, some people choose epoxy flooring because of the safety that it offers. Our well-skilled contractors are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to execute a job that is more than your expectations!

The Company that is Reliable and Trustworthy
With years of experience, our contractors have gained a lot of skills. Our epoxy flooring services are the best in the area. When you choose an epoxy floor, it will be less maintenance, and you would not have to worry about cleaning it all the time. It is also very affordable because epoxy flooring can be installed over the old ones. We ensure that your experience with us is smooth from start to finish of your floors. Epoxy floors will give you the shine that you have always wanted your floors to have. Contact us to have yours started today!

Epoxy Flooring or Polished Concrete Flooring
Beyond Concrete Inc. Polished Concrete Floors & Epoxy Flooring Contractors Chicago

Compared with epoxy flooring in Chicago, most homeowners prefer using polished concrete floors in Chicago due to its sturdiness, sleek finish, and great resistance to most toxic chemicals and substances. Residential polished concrete floors can be usually found in garages where it does not have to deal with a lot of harsh chemicals and materials with extreme pH substances. Aside from this, polished concrete floors possess great light reflectivity that most garages need. On a different note, this kind of floor requires repolishing every so often.

On the other hand, epoxy flooring is easier to install and is considered a cheaper flooring solution, thus this is used in many flooring cases. This also makes a great substitute for polished concrete when the latter cannot be used. Compared with polished concrete floors, epoxy flooring comes in different formulations that are known to make floorings sturdier and more long-lasting. Some benefits of this kind of flooring include resistance to imparting abrasion and puncture, static control provision, and weight improvement of the floor. Unlike epoxy concrete polishing, epoxy flooring contractors prefer epoxy floorings as they are great at concealing imperfections, thanks to its decorative flakes and high-performance non-skid topcoats. Epoxy flooring is applied liquid, thus this results in a more flawless finish.

Whether you prefer epoxy flooring or epoxy concrete polishing, you know we are the epoxy flooring company in Chicago to contact. We work professionally and efficiently to your satisfaction. Give our services a try. Call us today!

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Aesthetic Appearance

Epoxy flooring has a variety of colors that you can choose that will match your walls and other interior decors that you may have. Epoxy flooring dries up to a high gloss shine, which brings out a smooth, bright, and professional feel. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Chicago will make sure that you will get the best floors possible.

Easy to Clean, Smooth Surface

When it comes to epoxy flooring, it is not as porous as the bare concrete floors. Epoxy coating products do turn concrete floors into smooth surfaces, which makes it easy to clean epoxy flooring. We are one of the epoxy flooring companies in Chicago that provides the best service for your home and commercial spaces.

Durable and Long-Lasting Surfaces

Epoxy flooring is made to last because it’s made from tough materials, which makes it resistant to stubborn stains, chemicals, spillage, etc. Our epoxy contractors in Chicago will make sure that it will protect your underlying concrete floor, which makes it last longer. Having said this, it will cut out expenses on floor repairs throughout the years.

Safety Improved

Our industrial epoxy flooring and commercial epoxy flooring company in Chicago use the highest quality of materials so that it improves the safety standards of your building. How so may you ask? Epoxy flooring can be used to create an anti-slip, fire, and heat resistant floors. The high gloss effect from the epoxy floors helps improve visibility.

It’s The Details That Make Difference – Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Flooring Chicago

For residential and commercial epoxy flooring in Chicago, you can rely on our company. We understand that choosing epoxy flooring companies can be a complicated decision. Our epoxy flooring contractors will walk you through the entire process of having polished concrete floors, or decorative concrete in Chicago. We have been in the epoxy flooring industry for many years, and all of our epoxy flooring professionals undertake many hours of training. We are experienced in a variety of services that includes concrete polishing, decorative concrete, industrial epoxy flooring, commercial epoxy flooring, and residential polished concrete floors. All of our projects start by asking questions for us to understand your flooring needs and requirements to prepare the right flooring resin for your facility. We have the right and complete equipment and strive to meet your expectations and work within your budget. Contact us today to get your free quote on your residential polished concrete floors or commercial epoxy flooring in Chicago!

Beyond Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Flooring Perfect for Your Garage Floor

Everyone wants to keep their garage looking great, but not everyone has the time to do that. If you have unsealed raw concrete, you will most likely have constant dirt and concrete dust tracks into your house all the time. This will also breathe and trap odors and moisture in your garage. Over time, the oil. Moisture and the elements conspire and destroy your concrete to cause cracks and pitting and generally will make a mess. That is why our epoxy flooring company in Chicago can help you seal and protect your garage flooring to make it incredibly easy to clean and keep it looking beautiful for years. Whether you have a residential garage or a large commercial parking garage, our epoxy flooring contractors can help you. Our epoxy flooring will add an extra layer of durability and ensure that your garage will be tough, durable, and easy to clean. When looking for something functional, purely aesthetic, our team of experts can help you. Our services are unmatched by any other garage floor system on the market in Chicago, due to our innovative and proprietary technology. Also, we want to have a garage floor that matches the aesthetic of your home, and for this reason, we also offer decorative concrete so you can design your flooring and choose the color that you want. Call us today to learn more about our services in Chicago.

Frequently Asked Question About Epoxy & Concrete Flooring System – Answered By Our Experts

How long can an epoxy flooring system last?
When epoxy flooring in Chicago is installed by expert and professional epoxy flooring contractors, it can last up to eight years in harsh industrial or commercial environments. This is as long as you practice safety measures and care. When the polished concrete floors are in mild environments, it can last longer, such as basements and garages. The epoxy flooring can last from 20 to 25 years.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?
There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you have epoxy flooring. It can withstand any strenuous use such as heavy wear and tear, vehicle traffic, abrasion, impact, chemicals that include gas, oil spills, road salt, and harsh weather conditions like extreme cold. Industrial epoxy flooring offers safe and quick cleanup by isolating spills. If you want a specific design, there’s no need to worry because we have decorative concrete in Chicago, IL, for residential and commercial spaces.

What is concrete polishing?
Concrete polishing is similar to epoxy flooring in Chicago is pretty identical. Polished concrete flooring has the same shine and sleek feel, without pouring epoxy on top. However, it is not durable and long-lasting as an epoxy flooring. It also needs to be adequately maintained on a regular basis since it’s not as stain-resistant as an epoxy flooring.

How long does it take to install a garage epoxy floor?
Our epoxy flooring contractors in Chicago only need one or two days to install your epoxy flooring. The preparation includes concrete repairs and diamond grinding during the actual epoxy installation. When the epoxy floor is installed, you will need to give it time to cure before walking or driving on the surface. We recommend waiting at least one or two days before allowing light foot traffic and five days before driving on your new epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Chicago – Transform any space
Beyond Concrete Inc. Epoxy Flooring Chicago

Epoxy Flooring For Your Home

Do you have a garage that needs a new look? Or maybe you want to transform your basement into a functional living space? Well, our epoxy flooring contractors in Chicago have got you covered. Our epoxy flooring experts will provide the expertise you need to complete your garage flooring or basement flooring project. We provide the highest quality of work with a smile on our faces. With our polished concrete floor service, you can expect a stylish, durable, and long-lasting result.

Epoxy Flooring For Your Business

If you have an industrial space with a lot of traffic and heavy machinery or maybe a hair salon that needs flooring that will impress your customers, epoxy flooring is the best choice for you. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Chicago will provide you with the highest quality of flooring that is easy to maintain, can withstand any traffic, and looks beautiful at the same time. Whether it’s commercial or industrial flooring, we are one of the epoxy flooring companies that you can trust!

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