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      Beyond Concrete – Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Floors in Palatine

      Beyond Concrete provides high quality, high performance epoxy flooring and polished concrete floors to all Chicagoland customers. Our broad experience and highly skilled professionals will help you choose the right solution to best fit your needs and will ensure proper flooring installation. We offer complete start-to-finish services to dramatically improve your floor’s appearance and safety. Our experienced technicians use professional equipment and products to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our company offers a wide variety of custom residential and commercial epoxy flooring solutions in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Call us today to learn more about our durable, cost-effective and low maintenance epoxy flooring systems.

      We’ll be here to answer all your questions and offer professional solutions to incredible flooring options that will best suit your home or business space in Palatine and the surrounding local area. With Beyond Concrete taking care of your floors, you will have beautiful, durable flooring that lasts.

      Services Beyond Polished Concrete Flooring provides

      Industrial Epoxy Flooring Palatine

      Epoxy flooring offers a solution that will be able to handle your traffic, heavy machinery and high impact environment. Its durability and sustainability offers a perfect solution for warehouses, distribution centers, storage rooms and industrial plants.

      Commercial Epoxy Flooring Palatine

      Resin epoxy floors have numerous advantages, which make them ideal for commercial use – they’re durable, waterproof, non-slip and low maintenance. Our applications are perfect for all different types of commercial environments, from kitchens, restaurants and stores to hospitals, workshops and museums.

      Residential Polished Concrete Floors Palatine

      Polished concrete flooring is a wonderful modern floor option for a contemporary home. It’s cheap, cost-effective and easy to maintain. Consider polished concrete flooring from Beyond Concrete for your next home remodeling project.

      Commercial Polished Concrete Floors Palatine

      Beautiful, seamless, polished concrete floors are an amazing solution for your business. We offer a variety of options that you could choose from, so your facility can look good and will last for years to come.

      Floor Grinding

      We offer concrete floor grinding services, which are ideal for removal of existing floor coating, re-profiling of older concrete floors and removing oil and dirt deposits. Contact us today and let us provide you with quality service and results that will improve your concrete floors.

      Decorative Concrete Floors

      Looking for a company to upgrade and add new finished and designs to your dull concrete floors? Look no further – we have the knowledge, experts and tools to provide your concrete flooring with a new, attractive look.

      Why choose our epoxy flooring services

      Premium quality

      We understand how important quality is to our customers. Therefore we ensure the use of the best materials for all of our products. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

      Superior customer service

      In addition to our excellent products and services, our customer service is what sets us apart from other local epoxy flooring companies. We are always quick to respond to all your questions, needs and concerns.

      Quality, expert installation

      Our team is what makes us special. All of our contractors are certified and licensed and our clients can be confident that they are receiving the best service and support when choosing our company for their epoxy flooring project.

      Benefits of Epoxy Flooring – Beyond Residential Epoxy Floors & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Palatine

      Aesthetic Appearance

      With our epoxy flooring company in Palatine, you can find the widest variety of colors that will match your walls and other interior decors that you may have. It dries up to a high gloss shine, which brings out a smooth, bright, and professional feel. Our epoxy flooring contractors will provide you with the highest quality of service at an affordable price.

      Easy to Clean, Smooth Surface

      Epoxy flooring is not as porous as the bare concrete floors, and it provides a smooth surface. Having said this, it will be easier to maintain and clean. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Palatine will provide you with the best service for your home and commercial spaces. We are the ones that you can count on!

      Durable and Long-Lasting Surfaces

      When you have epoxy flooring, it is made to last because it’s made from tough materials. It can resist stubborn stains, chemicals, spillage, and so much more. Our epoxy contractors in Palatine will ensure that it will protect your underlying concrete floor, which makes it last longer. It can cut out expenses on the floor repairs throughout the years.

      Safety Improved

      We are one of the epoxy flooring companies in Palatine that uses the highest quality of materials that improves the safety standards of your building. We do this by creating an epoxy flooring with an anti-slip, fire, and heat resistant quality. With the high gloss effect, it will improve the visibility of your floors.

      Testimonials of Beyond Residential Polished Concrete Floors & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Palatine

      Thank you for the beautiful epoxy flooring that your team in Palatine provided. I own a small garage shop, and the floors are the most used and abused. Your team also provided beautiful polished concrete floors on the other part of my shop!

      We would definitely recommend your epoxy contractors in Palatine! They provided us with a detailed quote and a high quality of work. Everything was executed professionally, and communication was incredible! You guys are one of the best epoxy flooring companies in the area!

      I am in love with my new epoxy flooring in Palatine! My garage is where I have my gym, and heavy equipment is always used, which is why epoxy flooring is my choice. Your epoxy flooring contractors were straightforward to work with!

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