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When it comes to retail locations with very high buyer demand, it is important to keep all the unique aspects up high, which cover everything from lighting to flooring. And it is in this last aspect that Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Floors enters the scene. When business owners are looking for a flooring type that will keep the place clean and tidy while being easy to maintain, epoxy flooring is their best option, as it is an extremely durable flooring system that can withstand the heavy days of a business compared to a concrete polishing floor. If you want to know a little more about the benefits of this type of floor on your premises, we will gladly explain to you.

Ideal for Maintenance and Care
Regardless of whether you have a small or large space business, epoxy floors Arlington Heights are the most sought-after floors on the market for their minimal maintenance requirements and simple cleaning method (which consists mainly of the use of water and mop). In this part, it should be noted that if you have stains that are more difficult to remove, our epoxy flooring contractors will recommend specific cleaning products for your epoxy floor. Another advantage of this flooring is that, unlike polished concrete floors that collect dirt on the top of the flooring to the point of becoming a hazard, epoxy flooring is not susceptible to this type of erosion and is always free of dirt. Last but not least, epoxy is a material that keeps bacteria and moisture levels very low, which makes it very popular for commercial spaces with strict sanitation requirements such as gyms and restaurants.


Epoxy floors are suitable for a wide variety of floors. Read our article on the advantages of epoxy flooring.

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