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Benefits Of Epoxy Floor

November 19, 2021by adminBlog0

If you are looking forward to exchanging the polished concrete floors in your Chicago home or business for epoxy flooring, you will be making the best investment of your entire life, as the latter will bring you benefits you never imagined, but may not have known about. Don't worry about that part, as Beyond Concrete Inc. will explain it to you in more depth.


Flooring for Retail Spaces

June 8, 2021by adminBlog0

When it comes to retail locations with very high buyer demand, it is important to keep all the unique aspects up high, which cover everything from lighting to flooring. And it is in this last aspect that Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Floors enters the scene. When business owners are looking for a flooring type that will keep the place clean and tidy while being easy to maintain, epoxy flooring is their best option, as it is an extremely durable flooring system that can withstand the heavy days of a business compared to a concrete polishing floor. If you want to know a little more about the benefits of this type of floor on your premises, we will gladly explain to you.


Advantages of epoxy flooring

January 28, 2019by adminBlog0

Epoxy flooring cost

Initial investment cost may prove a serious deterrent for many home improvement projects, so you can breathe a sigh of relief if you decide on epoxy flooring. As far as price is concerned, this type of floor belongs to the most affordable options. Even if you decide on elaborate design with extra bells and whistles like staining, scoring or intricate design, the whole undertaking may still turn out substantially cheaper than its alternatives.

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