The Evolution of Designer Flooring and Metallic Epoxy

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Metallic epoxies are experiencing an exponential growth in popularity compared to other recent additions to the decorative concrete finishes. This makes perfect sense as the durability of this epoxy flooring is equal to industrial strength yet offers a distinct richness of character, forming a perfect flooring solution for your home. For those folks that take great pride in their garage, this metallic epoxy flooring presents a flooring solution that does not sacrifice attractiveness for functionality. For a unique and charming flooring option, choose from a wide range of color and finishing options available.

Metallic Epoxy for a Designer Kitchen Flooring Solution

Metallic flakes are combined in a 100% solid base epoxy, staying suspended as the mixture cures out. It offers excellent adhesion to a range of substrates. Colors and finishes can be customized with different color combination blends, which creates a lovely flowing transition. Furthermore, dispersants can be applied to add another dimension to the finished look, with one example being the “hammered metal” effect. To increase longevity, UV stability, hot-tire resistance, and chemical resistance, a variety of topcoats can be applied. Epoxy flooring contractors will confirm that this type of flooring meets all the ADA, USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards.

Spray Paint Touch Ups on Dyed Polished Concrete Floors

We recently met the owner of a home that had dyed polished concrete floors, with multiple patchy and unsightly areas. During a painting project, painters tape was used on the floors. Once removed they saw that both the stain and the sealant lifted with the tape removal, leaving bare concrete exposed in some areas. The contractor arranged for the repair of this unsightly mess, however the appointed repairer thought that using spray paint to mask the spots would be a good idea. Needless to say, the homeowner was not pleased. They initially had decided on stained or dyed concrete floors as it matched their style and their home’s interior design. After this experience however, they were cautious to proceed with this type of flooring going forward.

The team at Beyond Concrete Inc. being one of the most experienced epoxy flooring companies, introduced them to designer metallic flooring. After seeing some images and realizing the vast variety of options available, the client was immediately drawn to this solution. We agreed on a project commencement date, which coincided with the client’s scheduled vacation time. The entire condo’s floors needed to be done, except for the master bedroom. Just before the start date, all their moveable belongings were stored in the master bedroom, to clear the floor for the epoxy flooring application.

Completed Designer Bathroom Epoxy Flooring

A moisture barrier was applied as soon as the team finished with the removal of the previously applied, but failed, coating. This old coating was removed with a shot blasting method. For the top coating we had previously prepared a few samples for the clients to view and decide on. The sample that the clients preferred was metallic flakes, which leaned towards translucent and had gunmetal accents. It had a somewhat cool effect, which was a good fit for the client’s style. We utilized the same ratio for the larger quantity required and applied this throughout the condo. A topcoat of urethane was applied as the final layer.
The result was a beautiful multi-dimensional effect, with a silvery titanium hue being visible when looking straight down. At the same time, if you were to observe the floor at an angle, you will notice the gray, brown colors of the concrete substrate. This effect exceeded the client’s expectations and was truly a masterpiece in epoxy flooring finishing.

There are many types of floors where metallic epoxies would be ideal. In fact, any floor where a distinctive and one-of-a-kind aesthetic is required, for instance, commercials floors, clean rooms, restaurants, hotels, casinos, showrooms, art galleries, schools, homes, and many more. For more information regarding metallic epoxies, concrete flooring, concrete polishing or any of our other stunning products and services, get in touch with Beyond Concrete Inc. today.

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