What Makes Concrete Flooring Ideal for Your Kitchen

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Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Are you stuck on which flooring option to choose? This can be a difficult decision with so many flooring types available and each option having its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a busy kitchen, that sees a lot of foot traffic and plenty of cooking, you should consider getting polished concrete floors. Polished concrete not only complements a variety of interior design trends but also benefits your kitchen in many ways.

A kitchen is a place where messes and spills happen, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.
Polished concrete floors certainly have an advantage in this regard. This type of flooring is smooth, has no seams, making cleaning, or a cleanup of any kind, a breeze. Just a bit of soap and water and the mess is taken care of.

When comparing this to wooden or tile floors, the polished concrete floors come out on top.
Both wood and tiles have grooves or grouting, which makes the accumulation of dirt and stains unavoidable.

No Stains with Polished Concrete Floors

It is true that concrete floors that are not sealed are porous and therefore will stain over time with regular food and drink spillages. The difference between this type of flooring and polished concrete floors is that the latter is sealed, making it safe from stains, no matter how many times you drop pasta sauce on the floor. Your kitchen’s floor will remain stain free, regardless of how much traffic it has to contend with.

Keeps Wear and Tear to a Minimum

Concrete is a hard and durable material that will keep looking good and show minimal wear and tear over the years. When comparing other flooring types to polished concrete floors, they will have a hard time to keep up with its durability. Wood flooring is not nearly as hard, and tiles tend to chip and break over time.

The only maintenance required to keep your floors looking like new, is to have it resealed every few years.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Polished concrete floors complement nearly every home design theme, which is part of its appeal. The great thing about polished concrete floors is that you can create your own unique design by altering its appearance, level of shine, and color to suit your individual style. For instance, if you prefer a modern style and your kitchen has a number of chrome and steel finishes, you might choose a gray, white, or black floor color with a matte finish.
The fractures that may occasionally develop over time are a distinctive and character enhancing feature of polished concrete floors. Often after concrete polishing is completed and the floor is still new, you may already see a few cracks. This inevitable occurrence is unavoidable, yet can be aesthetically pleasing, as it tends to resemble natural stone which often has some imperfections of its own. This is especially fitting if you have a more rustic type of kitchen design.

Simplified Temperature Control

Polished concrete floors will simplify the temperature regulation in your home. This particularly applies to kitchens that are exposed to plenty of sunlight and situated in areas that have warm to hot summers and icy cold winters.
Compared to other materials, like sandstone or bricks for instance, concrete’s thermal mass is much higher. Typically, it has a thermal mass of 2060. This thermal mass rating indicated that concrete has the ability to effectively store both heat and cold energy. A kitchen floor that absorbs the winter sun for a large part of the day will gradually release this heat energy throughout the evening and night.

This concept plays out similarly during the summer. It’s better to shield your kitchen floor from sunlight during the day, exposing it to cooler air. This cooler temperature will keep your home cool throughout the day.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel soon, you should consider including polished concrete floors as your flooring solution. For any existing concrete floors, Beyond Concrete Inc. can take care of the concrete polishing or we can install a brand-new concrete floor. Allow us to customize your concrete floor to your exact specifications, to create a one-of-a-kind flooring masterpiece. Get in touch with the helpful team at Beyond Concrete Inc. to discuss all your concrete flooring requirements.

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